Crematorium Universal Loader

We are proud to offer the NEW ultra-strong yet compactly formed Crematorium Universal loader capable of lifting 320kgs (50 stone). This trolley is a smaller version of the ever-popular scissors lift trolleys. It has all of the safety features of our larger models but is designed on a smaller scale to provide increased flexibility of use.

It is principally designed to unload coffins or trays from vehicles, the trolley can be raised or lowered by a powered electronic actuator, the coffin can be then lowered onto the fixed stops for safe transportation. Optional frame to carry first call stretchers is available. CE Safety Certified and Anti-Bacterial finish.

- 24 volt actuator with integral charger 
- Push button control switch, 
- Manufactured in 1.5" square tube
- Anti-Bacterial Coating
- 6" Braked castors
- Rubber rollers 2" diameter grooved 14" centres
- Integral folding handle for moving
- CE Safety Certified
- S.W.L. 320kgs (50 stone)
Optional extras:

- Retainer for first call stretcher
- Spare batteries
- Wall charger

Length: 40"
Width: 25"
Minimum height: 20 5/8"
Maximum height: 47" 
Lift 27 1/4"


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