A new design of eco-friendly adult sized scattering cremation urns.
Scatter Pods are a new and easy to use range of scattering cremation urns that will hold the ashes of an adult. With a Scatter Pod, no glue is required, simply pour the ashes into the Pod and seal it. Once you're ready to scatter the ashes, simply peel back the tab on the internal lid, and scatter! It really is that simple. From launch there are four unique designs to be followed shortly by a more extensive range including a variety of sizes, all still delicately designed to be as seamless as possible around all four sides. A carrier bag and/or a clear photo pocket to ensure that the Scatter Pod is personalised to your loved one are also available options.
Each Pod features a high quality premium photo finish to fully remember the memories of the dear loved one contained inside. ScatterPod's don't have to be used just for the scattering of ahses, they are a great alternative to a standard urn and are much more eco-friendly.