J. Sidney Clarke founded the company in 1839. Alongside his own soft goods for the funeral profession he sold many other items manufactured in Coventry, such as Cash’s silks and ribbons, Rotherham watches and even golf balls. Gradually the products he manufactured himself became the company’s sole business.

Richard Strong Senior joined the company and some years later became a Director, his son Richard Strong Junior followed in his footsteps.
In 1959 Bill Fry Senior became a Clarke and Strong Representative, he eventually took ownership in 1976, and the company name remained. In 1969 Bill Fry Junior joined his Father as a Travelling Representative. Bill Jnr became a partner in 1982. Darren, Bill Fry Jnr’s son, joined Clarke and Strong in 1989 and this Father and Son team continue to direct the company today.
As the company continued to grow in its ability to the supply the needs of all funeral directors throughout the country, the family team was strengthened further with Bill Senior’s nephew David taking on the task of managing national sales.
Clarke and Strong Ltd. can now boast over 175 years of history, experience and dedication to supplying the funeral profession with high quality, unique products. We aim to preserve tradition while embracing modernisation. Our manufacturing facility remains one of the most efficient in the UK encorporating state of the art equipment to compliment our highly skilled workforce, enabling us to continue to provide excellent quality and value.

.Proud of Our Past & Passionate About Our Future.