Bill Fry Senior 

Mr Fry Snr and his dearly loved and much missed wife Joan started the Fry family relationship with the company. Through their incredible hard work and dedication the strong foundations of todays company were laid. Bill is still a regular visitor to the office and factory but these days he really enjoys his garden and spending time with his family, particularly his great grandchildren.

Bill Fry Junior

Bill has always excelled in sales as well as overseeing day to day running of the company. He has developed a passion for the history of World War One and enjoys spending time in France with his wife Christine as an official WW1 guide. Inbetween his business commitments and his regular trips to the continent he can still be found indulging his love of motorcycles.

Darren Fry

Darren oversees the general running of the company and is very hands on in all areas. He is married to his childhood sweetheart, Emma and together they have two daughters, Angelica and Mathilde. In between business and family commitments he still races in the British Superbike Series. Most passions revolve around speed but he is also a keen cyclist and loves winter sports

David Fry


David heads up our sales team and travels all over the UK to keep in touch with our customer’s needs. David is a keen cyclist and Leicester Tigers fan…..but don’t hold that against him!

Catherine Harris

Catherine manages our office and accounts…and keeps us all in order! A very keen swimmer and Coventry Blaze ice hockey fan who loves to travel.

Lisa Platts


Lisa is affectionately known as the company rottweiler as she demands perfection for our customers. As our General Manager we don’t let her out often but on the odd occasion we do she enjoys cycling, walking her bulldog and playing Rugby.

Lizzy Ramsey


Elizabeth runs our Production Team, she has great design and technical manufacturing knowledge. Away from work she enjoys making dresses for special occasions such as weddings and bar mitzvahs… get your orders in!

Coco & Rigsby

A constant source of entertainment for the whole team, also great at cleaning up in the canteen during and after lunch.