Harris is an earthy mix of browns, greens and cream. It’s the ideal country persons set, having connotations of fishing, farming and shooting which are down to its ‘Barleycorn’ design. This iconic fabric is ideal as a Unisex suite.

Harris Tweed is a beautiful, intricate luxury fabric famed for its unique quality and heritage. It is woven out of pure virgin wools from islands accross the Outer Hebrides. We have worked closely with natural coffin providers, and are thrilled to now be able to also offer Harris Tweed Suites for Woven coffins. 
With Harris Tweed being 100% wool, we wanted to provide an alternative luxury natural coffin lining, and Harris Tweed seemed to be the obvious choice.
There are many qualities to Wool which make it  ideal for a naturally luxurious interior and 
we believe this suite encapsulates them all.